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2007 Horseplayers Expo Collector’s Edition DVD Set

2007 Horseplayers Expo DVD Boxset

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2007 Horseplayers Expo DVD Boxset Description

2007 Horseplayers Expo Collector’s Edition DVD Set
Recorded live in Las Vegas February 2007
5 DVD Box Set
Item# HDVD07
Original Price: $99.95
Produced By Daily Racing Form

More than 18 hours of new 21st Century betting and handicapping strategies from the biggest players, racing journalists, analysts and private and public handicappers in the industry are now available in one blockbuster DVD package. Recorded live this year at the prestigious Wynn Las Vegas, the new DRF Horseplayers Expo DVD set offers one-of-a-kind exposure to the topics that all handicappers need to succeed in today’s modern competitive betting arena. 

The new DRF DVDs feature a wealth of information on the newest topics in Thoroughbred handicapping, and are presented by some of the most prized names in the sport. With superstar names like Beyer, Bray, Bredar, Brohamer, Brooks, Callet, Carothers, Cramer, Crist, Davidowitz, Dickinson, Eng, Fierro, Free, Friedman, Ike, Illman, Jones, Kirchner, Maloney, Meadow, Michaels, Moss, Onaka, Pack, Privman, Quigley, Quinn, Serling, Shuback, Siraco, Stich, Tavano, Tomlinson, and Watchmaker where else can you get a lifetime of expert handicapping material packed in less than a day’s time?

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The tremendous lineup includes:

DVD 1:

  • Handicapping with pace figures (Audio preview)
  • Pedigree handicapping
  • Betting maidens and 2-year-olds
  • Interpreting workouts

DVD 2:

  • Technology and the new tools of successful handicappers
  • Rebates: Who, what, where
  • Exotic betting: Multi-horse and multi-race wagers (Audio preview)
  • Back to basics and beyond

DVD 3:

  • Handicapping synthetic surfaces (Audio preview)
  • Speed and class on the grass
  • The new imports: Dubai, Germany, and Japan

DVD 4:

  • Contrarian thinking and hidden form patterns
  • Making your own lines: How to find hidden value
  • Attacking racing's biggest days: Making a year's profit in a day
  • Playing to win in the tournaments (Audio preview)

DVD 5:

  • How to handicap New York-breds and Cal-breds
  • Late-night wagering: Quarter horses and harness racing
  • The supertrainers and the simulcasts (Audio preview)

Bonus coverage

Don't miss Joanne Jones exclusive one-on-one interviews with Expo speakers for their final thoughts and insights. *Andrew Beyer *Steven Crist *Michael Dickinson *Brad Free *Dan Illman *Gordon Jones *Barry Meadow *Noel Michaels *Jay Privman (Audio preview)

Detailed description


Handicapping with Pace Figures (58:07)
Moderated by Steven Crist; presented by Tom Brohamer and Randy Moss
Two of the leading experts on pace review their methodologies, preferences and handicapping

Pedigree Handicapping (58:34)
Moderated by Caton Bredar; presented by Simon Bray and Lauren Stich
Demystifying the process of pedigree handicapping with a focus on how bloodlines can influence the outcome of a race.

Betting Maidens and 2-Year-Olds (49:43)
Moderated by Caton Bredar; presented by Simon Bray,Toby Callet, and Dan Illman
Various strategies for tackling the always challenging maiden races, and what patterns to look for when handicapping juveniles.

Interpreting Workouts (58:52)
Moderated by Joanne Jones; presented by Toby Callet, Steve Davidowitz, Michael Dickinson, and Bob Ike
Multiple viewpoints on the role of workouts, including how and when to incorporate them into the handicapping process.


Technology & The New Tools of Successful Handicappers (1:03:39)
Introduction by Harvey Pack; presented by Andrew Beyer
Andrew Beyer explores the new technological advances available to handicappers.

Rebates:Who, What, Where, Are They Unfair, and Do They Harm the Casual Customer? (59:15)
Moderated by Ken Kirchner; presented by Kirk Brooks, Barry Meadow, and Lou Tavano
A hard look at the controversial issue of rebates and player incentives, with key speakers representing different views.

Exotic Betting: Multi-horse and Multi-race Wagers (1:00:50)
Moderated by Andrew Beyer; presented by Gibson Carothers, Steven Crist, and Barry Meadow
What are the best exotic wagering opportunities, and how do you best play them? These experts provide insight into their own habits.

Back to Basics and Beyond (52:05)
Moderated by Caton Bredar; presented by Steve Davidowitz and Brad Free
The authors of two well-respected books on handicapping fundamentals remind us not only what the basics actually are, but also how to use them in the contemporary game.


Handicapping Synthetic Surfaces (1:21:35)
Moderated by Steven Crist; presented by Steve Davidowitz, Michael Dickinson, Brad Free, and Mike Maloney
This expert panel discusses the variety of new synthetic surfaces and how they impact current handicapping practices.

Speed & Class on the Grass (1:00:40)
Moderated by Lee Tomlinson; presented by James Quinn and Alan Shuback
The unique qualities of turf racing and its related handicapping strategies are reviewed.

The New Imports: Dubai, Germany, and Japan (55:23)
Moderated by Jay Privman; presented by Simon Bray and Alan Shuback
Methods for evaluating foreign horses in American races as well as analyzing and handicapping international races.


Contrarian Thinking and Hidden Form Patterns (1:01:03)
Moderated by James Quinn; presented by Mark Cramer and Len Friedman
Alternative views to traditional handicapping methods are offered by two of the most wellknown players in the game.

Making Your Own Lines: How to Find Hidden Value (57:07)
Moderated by Mike Watchmaker; presented by Steve Fierro and Barry Meadow
These skilled handicappers offer distinct approaches to setting a line in search of overlays.

Attacking Racing’s Biggest Days: Making a Year’s Profit in a Day (56:40)
Moderated by Harvey Pack; presented by Len Friedman, Gordon Jones, Mike Maloney, and Mike Watchmaker
The opportunity to participate in enormous parimutuel pools, the advantage of competing against less-informed bettors, and the importance of patience are discussed by these expert speakers.

Playing to Win in the Tournaments (56:12)
Moderated by Ralph Siraco; presented by Richard Eng, Ken Kirchner, Noel Michaels, and Tom Quigley
These established tournament players reveal the approaches that have worked for them, and for others, as well as methods to determine the best qualifying tournaments.


How to Handicap New York-breds and Cal-breds (57:31)
Moderated by James Quinn; presented by Brad Free and Dave Litfin
An in-depth look at handicapping popular statebreds on America’s top two circuits is discussed with DRF experts from each region.

Late-Night Wagering: Quarter Horses and Harness Racing (59:42)
Moderated by Dan Illman; presented by Mark Cramer and Les Onaka
Handicapping basics for the Thoroughbred player looking to expand into harness and quarter horse wagering.

The Supertrainers & The Simulcasts: Who They Are,What They Do, and How to Cope (58:57)
Moderated by Matt Carothers; presented by Toby Callet (Florida), Brad Free (California), Mike Maloney (Kentucky), and Andy Serling (New York)
Betting strategies for the major circuits where a player often finds “supertrainers” with high winning percentages and low odds.

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Expo Extras
Expo Welcome Reception (10:24)
Expo Banquet Dinner (22:43)
Joanne Jones interviews Expo speakers
for their final thoughts:
Andrew Beyer (2:55)
Steven Crist (3:30)
Michael Dickinson (3:07)
Brad Free (3:10)
Dan Illman (2:34)
Gordon Jones (6:22)
Barry Meadow (2:53)
Noel Michaels (6:19)
Jay Privman (3:11)

"Even if you've read all their books, this is an excellent "refresher" as [the Expo speakers] not only talk about their strategies but how those strategies have been refined over the years to adjust for modern conditions. Rating: 5/5"
-- Cindy Pierson Dulay, Horse-Races.net
• Click here to Read Cindy Pierson Dulay's entire review

"...outstanding information... this just may be the most comprehensive video collection ever available to horseplayers."
-- The HorsePlayer Magazine, July-August 2007