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Bet With The Best 2: Longshots


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Bet With The Best 2: Longshots
Beyer, Brohamer, Crist, Davidowitz, Free, Litfin, Quinn, Shuback, Stich, Watchmaker
Hardcover - 256 pages
Sku - #B1832
Price: $29.95
Publisher: DRF Press
Pub Date: February 2008

The American betting public has never been more sophisticated. Finding horses with concrete qualities going off at boxcar odds has become increasingly difficult in today’s technologically advanced handicapping era. Cutting-edge computer programs, readily available workout and trip-note information, streaming race-replay videos, updated pace and class pars, and elevated pedigree data have made today’s serious player better prepared than ever before. So how does a horseplayer find an edge in the contemporary game?

In 2001, Daily Racing Form assembled nine expert handicappers and writers to author Bet with the Best: All New Strategies from America’s Leading Handicappers. The original Bet with the Best was the first book in over a decade to provide modern-day techniques to compete in the ever-changing 21st-century racing and wagering environment. Now some seven years later, the game has continued to evolve, and finding value at the betting windows has become an arduous task for even the most disciplined and heavily bankrolled players. We’re happy to report that the same stable of DRF contributors is back to author a completely updated and revamped Bet with the Best 2: Longshots to help today’s player keep pace with the changing game. In addition to including nine new chapters from our original staff, we’ve also added the insights of a 10th contributor by recruiting West Coast handicapper Brad Free.

Some of the highlights from this new and improved edition include Alan Shuback’s look at uncovering overlays among first-time imports from Britain, France, and Ireland. Pedigree expert Lauren Stich evaluates the “hidden-turf” angle and explores various breeding angles. Handicapping legend Andrew Beyer discusses the unprecedented technological advances available to today’s player with specific insight into DRF’s Formulator software and how it has changed the way he’s evaluating trainer patterns and turf racing. New York’s own Dave Litfin begins with a valuable breakdown on the winning stats of favorites and then offers advice on how to make the odds work for you.  

Veteran pace expert Tom Brohamer takes a fresh look at par times, the turn-back play, and the importance of constructing track profiles in the new synthetic-surface era, while James Quinn provides a detailed analysis of overlays at the various class levels, as well as figure patterns and form reversals. Author and renowned handicapper Steve Davidowitz discusses many profitable meet-specific angles that continue to score at long odds, and provides a master list of low-profile trainers worth following across the country. Brad Free takes a look at several of racing’s traditional handicapping methods (speed figures, class drops, track bias) and explains how many of these bread-and-butter handicapping facets can still produce daily overlays. Steven Crist writes about exotic wagering and the true value of longshots. And finally, Mike Watchmaker examines Grade 1 events and the opportunities for uncovering longshots on racing’s biggest days.

Bet with the Best 2: Longshots exposes handicapping angles you may not have considered before, and proves that although the game may have gotten tougher to beat, there are still overlays to be had. Whether you’re new to the game or have been ceaselessly grinding it out for years, you will find Bet with the Best 2 to be a useful and welcome addition to your personal handicapping library.

Praise for the BET WITH THE BEST series

“These are some of the very best handicappers at sniffing out longshots, when the obvious choice is a low-priced favorite. Time spent with Bet with the Best 2: Longshots will be a productive education in racetrack value for the beginner or the experienced player.”
Dave Johnson
Horse-racing announcer and host of Sirius Radio’s Down the Stretch program

“If horseplaying had a Pro Bowl, this would be a good starting lineup. Ten authors for the price of one is interesting enough, but Bet with Best 2: Longshots is a must-have because it brings together the smartest handicappers and horseplayers around.
“Bet with the Best increased the IQ of bettors everywhere, and now Bet with the Best 2: Longshots is poised to take horseplayers to an even higher level. It’s already competitive enough out there. How about a cease-fire?”
Randy Moss
Thoroughbred-racing analyst for ESPN and ABC, and creator of Moss Pace Figures

Bet with the Best will help you separate the important from the trivial with nine varied and readable chapters, written by some of the heaviest hitters in the industry. Touch ‘ em all, Daily Racing Form—this book is a grand slam and required reading for those whose hands have been soiled from shredding too many losing mutuel tickets.”
Bob Neumeier
NBC Sports

Bet With The Best 2: Longshots Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Beyer on New Handicapping Tools

Chapter 2: Brohamer on the Turn-Back Play

Chapter 3: Crist on Exotics and Value

Chapter 4: Davidowitz on Trainer and Track-Specific Angles

Chapter 5: Free on Using Fundamental Handicapping

Chapter 6: Litfin on Finding Vulnerable Favorites

Chapter 7: Quinn on Class Angles

Chapter 8: Shuback on Betting Foreign Imports

Chapter 9: Stich on Hidden-Turf Angles and Sires

Chapter 10: Watchmaker on Grade 1 Races

Audio Interviews
Recently, Steven Crist, Dave Litfin and Mike Watchmaker spoke with Steve Byk of "At The Races." To listen to their radio interviews, click the links below (note, these interviews are approximately 30 minutes long each, and may take several minutes to download):
• Interview with Steven Crist
• Interview with Dave Litfin
• Interview with Mike Watchmaker

About the Authors

Andrew Beyer is the author of the all-time best-selling handicapping book, Picking Winners, and the popular My $50,000 Year at the Races, The Winning Horseplayer, and Beyer on Speed. A columnist for the Washington Post, Beyer is the creator of the Beyer Speed Figures, the industry standard for measuring racehorse performance, which appear exclusively in Daily Racing Form. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Tom Brohamer is the author of the classic Modern Pace Handicapping and is widely recognized as the leading pace analyst in this country. In addition to playing the races professionally, Brohamer lectures about racing throughout Southern California. He lives in Palm Desert, California.

Steven Crist is chairman and publisher of Daily Racing Form. Crist was formerly the turf writer for The New York Times, editor-in-chief of The Racing Times, and a vice president of the New York Racing Association. He is known in racetrack circles as the King of the Pick Six. Crist is also the author of Exotic Betting, Betting on Myself, Offtrack, and The Horse Traders. He lives in Hempstead, New York.

Steve Davidowitz is the author of the handicapping classic Betting Thoroughbreds, his signature text in 1977 and most recently The Best and Worst of Thoroughbred Racing (2006). Davidowitz writes a regular column for The HorsePlayer Magazine, DRF Simulcast Weekly, and an Internet feature for Track Master. Davidowitz was also the editor of The American Racing Manual from 2000 to 2003. He lives in Las Vegas.

Brad Free is the author of the back-to-basics text Handicapping 101 and is a longtime Southern California handicapper for Daily Racing Form. Prior to arriving at DRF, Free completed handicapping tours with the Pasedena Star-News, the daily sports newspaper The National, and The Racing Times. Free lives in Claremont, California.

Dave Litfin is the New York handicapper for Daily Racing Form and the author of Expert Handicapping (revised in 2007)as well as Real-Life Handicapping. Besides his daily analysis, Litfin writes a weekly column on handicapping. Before joining Daily Racing Form, Litfin was a handicapper for New York’s Daily News. He lives in Wilton, New York.

James Quinn has been leading author on playing the races since he wrote the paperback version of The Handicapper’s Condition Book (1981), which remains in print through three later hardcover editions. His popular anthology The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping was re-released by DRF Press after Quinn updated the 1987 original with 13 new essays. He is recognized as the leading authority on identifying the class of horses, and conducts handicapping seminars throughout Southern California. Quinn has also written the lead articles on the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup Classic for The HorsePlayer Magazine. He lives in Arcadia, California.

Alan Shuback is the European racing writer and editor for Daily Racing Form and is one of this country’s foremost experts on European racing. At The Racing Times, Shuback developed the two-line format for past performances of imports that has become the industry standard and a great benefit to handicappers. Shuback has reported on major races throughout the world. He lives in New York City.

Lauren Stich is a regular contributor to Daily Racing Form and DRF Simulcast Weekly on pedigree analysis and breeding. Stich has worked for The Morning Telegraph, The Racing Times, and has freelanced on television and for American Turf Monthly. Stich also is a Thoroughbred breeder, bloodstock agent, and consultant at Thoroughbred auctions. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Watchmaker is the national handicapper for Daily Racing Form. He helps shape handicapping policy for the paper and improve the data in the past performances. Watchmaker, a former handicapper at The Racing Times and New York Racing Association linemaker, also ranks the leaders in each racing division throughout the year and writes regular columns on major events of Thoroughbred racing. He lives in Hicksville, New York.

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