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Maximizing Profits Using Formulator and Advanced Trainer Stats
By Dean Keppler
Price: $14.95
Paperback - Item #B1824 - 176-pages
Publisher: DRF Press
Pub. Date: November 2006

:: Read an excerpt from Trainer Angles (Pdf)

The ability of the Thoroughbred trainer and capitalizing on his or her training strengths and weaknesses has always been one of the most important handicapping factors. In Trainer Angles: Maximizing Profits Using Formulator and Advanced Trainer Stats, the author reveals how using advanced trainer analysis and the Formulator 4.1 program consistently uncovers live longshots at both minor and major racing circuits under various race conditions, surfaces, class levels, and distances.

By using the popular Formulator 4.1 software and it's advanced filter options, the author teaches the reader how to find high percentage hidden trainer patterns amongst an enormous amount of indispensable statistical data. How does Hall of Fame trainer Dwayne Lukas do with 2-year-old fillies making their second career start going from a sprint to a route? Now you'll have that answer within a few clicks of a computer mouse! In the past, it may have taken the seasoned handicapper hours of diligent paperwork and scholarly recordkeeping to uncover this information.

Finding value at the racetrack has become increasingly difficult. It's no longer enough to evaluate speed and pace figures, take tedious trip handicapping notes, and study pedigree and sire/dam statistics. Documented trainer success and intent, however, is still is one of the most valuable handicapping factors. The author shows you how to find, and most importantly, how to use this data. Deciphering Trainer/jockey combinations, evaluating a trainer's distance limitations based on past success, dirt and turf achievements, class structure, success with recent claims, Beyer Speed figures, medication, equipment changes, evaluating shippers, first time starters, and maidens are all readily available at the reader's fingertips.


"As one of the minority who believes that trainer stats are the primary factor in handicapping, I hesitated on praising Keppler's fine book on trainer specialty angles, fearing that my odds might be impacted. But with most players deeply conditioned to prioritize speed, pace, form and class, I think the odds for trainer players will remain in the profitable zone even after his book becomes the hit it deserves to be."

-Mark Cramer, author of Scared Money, Kinky Handicapping, and editor of the monthly C & X Racing Report.

"Daily Racing Form's Dean Keppler details a new age approach with the DRF's Formulator 4. Focusing on betting the trainer's statistical win rates and return on investment (ROI), Keppler demands proof the trainer has a long term win rate and positive ROI move before he bets. His methodical approach allows all players to understand how to acquire the knowledge and skill to learn how to win by requesting information from the Formulator 4.0 database."

-Ed Bain, author of the book 4 +30 and editor and publisher of the newsletter Layoffs and Claims.

"Beyond raw ability of a horse, no handicapping factor is more important than the ability of a horse's trainer. Longtime horseplayer Dean Keppler offers a fitting means of trainer analysis in his easy, entertaining text Trainer Angles. Citing coast-to-coast examples of trainer statistics in Daily Racing Form past performances while introducing the potential of Formulator software."

-Brad Free, handicapper for Daily Racing Form

"In a handicapping world that is teeming with sharp players and supposed "wise guys" there are only a few edges left. And Keppler has zoomed in on one of them: TRAINER ANGLES. Whether you are a weekend warrior or daily player, Trainer Angles will provide you with dozens of gold nuggets and get you thinking about the one player who controls the horse: the trainer! This is a must-read book."

-Jim Mazur, President of Progressive Handicapping and author of The Gulfstream Handicapper and other meet specific trainer angle books.

"Horseplayers that imagine they know it all when it comes to trainer performance, patterns, and profiles, almost certainly know lots less than they think they know. Anyone who cares to dispute the assertion must read Keppler's amazingly advanced treatment of the nation's trainers and their habits.

Using "filters," the keys to the trainer vaults, from DRF's Formulator 4.1 software, Keppler reveals how trainers known to win with 18 percent of their first starters in maiden races might instead be winning with an exceptional 26 percent of their 3-year-old colts, but with a mere 6 percent of their 2-year-old fillies.

Modern handicappers wanting the postmodern edge on trainers need to possess that kind of well-filtered information. And they will discover hundreds of similar nuggets in this excellent and meticulously-researched book. Not even the most up-to-date local trainer expert can afford to ignore this powerful national resource."

-James Quinn, author of 10 books on Thoroughbred handicapping