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Harnessing Winners


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Harnessing Winners
The Complete Guide to Handicapping Harness Races
By Dave Brower
Price: $14.95
138 pages

Take the inside track to success in a challenging and often misunderstood game with handicapping analyst Dave Brower, morning-line oddsmaker at the Meadowlands, the mecca of U.S. harness racing. Meet leading driver Brian Sears and learn about the strategies and decisions he uses to size up a winner. Brower then leads you on a detailed tour through the more complex methods of analyzing and handicapping harness races, starting with the importance of watching replays and qualifying races in order to spot future wagering opportunities. Using past performances and result charts from Harness Eye, he illustrates angles such as driver’s choices/driver changes, tote-board action, class drops, and warm-ups.

With the insight gained from many years in the business, doing everything from sitting in the driver’s seat to providing expert commentary on TVG’s Drive Time, Brower examines more than a dozen aspects of what goes into a winning approach to handicapping harness races.

Also Includes:
- How to read the past performances
- Glossary of harness-racing terms
- Guide to all United States Trotting Association tracks
- Leading-sire statistics

About the author:
Dave Brower has been an avid harness racing fan since age 10 and has worked in just about every aspect of the sport in the 29 years since. A 1991 journalism graduate of St. John's University, Brower has groomed and trained horses, operated the race teletimer, been a public relations intern, morning line oddsmaker and track handicapper. He currently serves as a featured host, and co-host of the nightly "Racing from the Meadowlands" television program on SportsNet New York, including in-house duties of analysis and handicapping. He also provides on-site analysis and interviews during TVG's Drive Time on Friday nights.