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Handicapping On The Road

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Handicapping On The Road Description

A Classic Horseplayer's Title!
By Mark Cramer
Price: $28.99
Paperback - Item #HOTR11 - 185 Pages
Publisher: Altiplano Publications
Pub. Date: May 2011

Mark Cramer has earned praise for both his horse racing and travel books. With Handicapping on the Road, he combines both realms. Last summer, Cramer, then 65 years old, set out on a 1,000-kilometer bicycle - race track journey through several regions of France, along with his companion, Alan, 59, a specialist in Asian art. The immediate goal was to raise money for the retirement of race horses, but Cramer was also using his handicapping methods, attempting to pay for the trip with his betting. Along the way, Mark and Alan would test their own stamina, sometimes in blistering heat. To make a point, they chose the same 21 days as the Tour de France (two old-timers “competing” with Tour professionals). Cramer also vowed to cover the more than 600 miles with zero carbon emissions (unless you count the carbon dioxide the cyclers breathed out heavily on strenuous hills). The Loire wines along the way served as performance dis-enhancing substances, adding to the challenge. Handicapping on the Road includes enough intriguing horse betting methods to satisfy Cramer’s loyal fans, but the travel adventure, stamina test and ecological challenge make the story all the more fascinating.