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Racetracker: Live with grifters and gamblers

Item #:BTB-JP02
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Racetracker: Live with grifters and gamblers Description

By John Perrotta
Retail Price: $14.95
Hardcover - Item #BTB - JP02 - 262 Pages

In 1955 John Perrotta was a young Jersey boy—eyes locked on his grandfather’s small black-and-white television watching the blurry figures of horses and jockeys loping to their starting gates. Little did he know that his father’s passion for the races was going to tip destiny’s scales in favor of a lifelong passion for horsemanship, breeding, racing, and the beautiful animals themselves. Perrotta’s story digs deep into the thoroughbred racing world through a unique insider’s perspective on the strategies, emotions, and personal lives of those involved in high-risk gaming. In his travels, he meets an array of colorful characters like Woody and Peaches, Snake, Pockets, and Schnoz, who populate the racetracks, wheeling and dealing in the search for the fastest horse and the biggest prize. Revel in this heartfelt story of a natural-born racetracker. Stand trackside and slip behind closed doors at legendary world-class events, including the Kentucky Derby, the Irish Derby, and the Breeder’s Cup. Follow Perrotta on his journey from a boy with Hopalong Cassidy’s horse, Topper, on his tin lunch box, to racing journalist and jockey agent, to head of operations for one of the largest racing stables stateside.