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The One Minute Handicapper

The One Minute Handicapper

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The One Minute Handicapper Description

By Frank DiTondo and Dean Antalik
Price: $39.95
Softcover - Item#OMH001 - 384-pages

The One Minute Handicapper will show you how to sort out the tidal wave of DRF information, how to stop overlooking what counts, and to separate pretenders from contenders. Each chapter carefully describes each of Frank and Dean’s solid betting situations, provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of how to easily translate Daily Racing Form, the tote board, and official entry information into winning straight and exotic wagers. Included with the guide is a user-friendly “Betting Situations Worksheet” checklist that dissects valuable handicapping information and helps create a road map to making profitable wagers.

The One Minute Handicapper identifies 22 easy to spot “Betting Situations.” It makes the DRF less intimidating and easy to read. The concept is actually very simple! The more Situations you learn to identify the “Bettor” your chances of picking the winner! You will be introduced to an innovative, one of a kind, user friendly, Betting Situation Worksheet, showing you how to create an easy to follow road map to simplify the handicapping process and make profitable betting decisions. The One Minute Handicapper will teach you how to spot exotic and longshot bets with double and triple digit payoffs. You will learn how to identify and how to profit on the claiming game, medication implications, the first flash, jockey and trainer changes, and the importance of the layoff. And much, much more!

About the Authors …

Frank DiTondo

Financial services his profession, thoroughbred racing his passion! Frank DiTondo got hooked early in life when his father took him to Suffolk Downs in the summer of 1942 to see Whirlaway, the Triple Crown winner in 1941, run and win the Massachusetts Handicap. He became and avid student of the game, with an unquenchable thirst to learn, enabling him to grow from a novice teenager learning to read the Daily Racing Form to an informed and acknowledged successful handicapper.

Becoming an owner in 1986 by “getting his feet wet” in a racing partnership was a natural progression. In 1988 he teamed with Monica Driver and formed the White Sash Racing Partnership. Private ownership followed in 1993 after meeting John Parisella. That experience became the stepping stone to becoming the syndicator and managing partner of the Parisella Racing Group partnerships following his retirement from a major life insurance company. The contractual dissolution of PRG Silver Stables in 2000 led to the re-birth of White Sash Stable and a return to private ownership.

The lessons learned, knowledge, and experience acquired along with associating with accomplished and successful racing industry professionals, helped hone and refine his handicapping skills. The writing of One Minute Handicapper is the culmination of 63 years of learning.

Dean Antalik

Although his formal education is in music, Mr. Antalik has worked in the computer industry since 1982. Specializing in computer security and data recovery, Dean also finds the time to be WinMagazine’s “Expert in New York” and his advice and opinions have been published in multiple countries including the US, Canada, and Italy. He is still called upon regularly by industry publications for his advise and opinions.

Although Dean currently owns Computer MDz he is working full time on the One Minute Handicapper and the One Minute Handicapper Website. He was introduced to the thoroughbred horse industry through Frank, a friend of over twenty years and has recently started a company, Winning for Fun, Ltd., which works solely on the One Minute Handicapper project.

“Frank has an incredible knowledge of the horse industry as both a bettor and an owner. I feel very privileged and excited that Frank has asked me to play such an integral part in his project. The One Minute Handicapper is, undoubtedly, the most comprehensive guide to handicapping horses ever written. To be a part of something this monumental is truly a wonderful feeling. It makes the two years of work put in to this project worth every minute.”